Evolution Lures is an American company that makes hand made lures. We are currently in the start up and prototyping phase. Please contact us to enquire further about our lures.

What's going on!?

King Killer Does It Again!

Check out this Amazing Black Marlin caught by Ben Lane on a Pink King Killer. Congrats Ben!

The King Killer is such a versatile lure. Don't let the name fool you, it pretty much catches every every type of pelagic species.

Little by little

When it comes to small top water lures, I'm finding it is critical to get the balance and weight just right. A gram too far backward and the tail will sink, not enough and the action is wrong. Each lure is a small evolution of the previous. Even hook choice makes a difference in how the lure will swim. Really you are building the lure around a chosen hook size and brand. Once you begin designing the lure, consistent weight distribution is critical.

We're testing new materials

Here we are testing PETG, a resilient plastic with good impact resistance and high glossiness. This is the same material used to produce water bottles.

We're printing!

Today we're preparing for our prototype test run in Tanzania. Printing 12 new cyclopes.